timeline of the series

For those who prefer text:

Gillian Urswick and Kit Marlowe (short stories): The Kit Marlowe shorts fill in some background on the Silver Circle, the main magical organization mentioned in the two series, and provide information on a cross-over character, Christopher (Kit) Marlowe. They can be read at any time, before, during or after the main series. So far they include "The Gauntlet" and "The Queen's Witch," both available for free on this website or at Smashwords.com.

The Cassie Palmer books (main series): The time traveling, ghost-whispering, crazy blond who started it all currently has seven books in her series: Touch the Dark, Claimed by Shadow, Embrace the Night, Curse the Dawn, Hunt the Moon, Tempt the Stars and Reap the Wind (2014). They follow each other in chronological order (or as much as possible with Cassie's tendency to time shift.) They are best read in order, but stand alone reasonably well. They tie in with and overlap the Dorina Basarab series, which is set in the same universe. 

The Dorina Basarab books (main series): These books tell the story of the dhampir daughter of Mircea Basarab, a major figure in the Cassie Palmer series. A number of crossover characters and plotlines connect the two series, which I have always viewed as one. So far, there are three novels about Dory: Midnight’s Daughter, Death’s Mistress and Fury’s Kiss. The first Dorina (Midnight's Daughter) can be read after the second Cassie (Claimed by Shadow) because it concludes the storyline begun in that book. Or, if you wish to read chronologically, it can be read after Embrace the Night, the third Cassie, which it overlaps. Our novella, "Buying Trouble," (available in the On the Prowl anthology or by itself as an ebook) should be read before the start of the Dorina series, as it sets up some of the conflicts of that book. It is not necessary to understand or enjoy the novel, however. An additional Dory short story, "In Vino Veritas," can be found in the Chicks Kick Butt anthology, or for free on this web site. 

Masks: A Mircea Basarab novel set in fifteenth century Venice. It details his early life as a vampire.  

Extra free stories for the Cassie Palmer series: Most are available on the web site and at Smashwords.com. Two of these are set between Curse the Dawn and Hunt the Moon: "A Family Affair" and "Shadowland." A third, "The House at Cobb End," deals with Pritkin's life before the beginning of the Cassie series. To avoid spoilers, it should be read after Curse the DawnA fourth, "The Day of the Dead," features Tomas from Touch the Dark and Claimed by Shadow, and should be read after those books.

Lia de Croissets (short stories): The Lia de Croisset's stories can be read at any time and as an addition to either series. They are set in Las Vegas, like the Cassie books, but deal with the war mage corps and Were politics. They are slightly ahead of the other two storylines for now, but care has been taken to avoid spoilers.