Your Tree of Life Spread
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Your Highest Ideals

Ten of Wands

Clio, muse of history, knows a lot of facts but one great truth: theres always another battle, another war, another upheaval. You can focus on those, on the struggle, and see nothing else. Or you can look for the beauty and grace and kindliness that are there, too. Take a break, soldier!

Your Creative Power

The Fool Reversed

See Icarus make some fake wings. See Icarus attach them to his back with wax. See him soar high into the sky. Fly, Icarus, fly! See the wax melt. See Icarus plummet to a messy death. Any questions?

Your Wisdom

Nine of Cups Reversed

The river Euphrates was both a blessing and a curse to its people. On the one hand, it gave life to millions. On the other, jealous rivals ensured that war was common, the marshes around the river carried sickness, and floods were always a problem. The Nine reversed is about your life not looking as good from your perspective as it does to everyone else.

Your Virtues

Two of Swords

Ever heard of being on the horns of a dilemma? Yeah, thats basically you now. And thats Hercules with the Golden Hind, the pampered pet of Artemis, a goddess you did NOT want to cross. But bringing back the Hind was one of Hercs labors, and if he didnít do it, he didnít get immortality. Likewise, you may be feeling stuck, or be facing a quandary right now.

The Force of Your being


Athena, Goddess of Justice, famously let Orestes off the hook for killing his mother. He was guilty as hell and everybody knew it, but punishing him was likely to cause a major feud and many more deaths. Likewise, the Justice card signifies that the outcome of a matter will be fair in the universal sense of the word (best for the most in the long run).

Your Health, Beauty and Altruism

Queen of Pentacles

Demeter was the great goddess of the harvest, who presided over the fertility of the earth. She is therefore perfect as our Queen of Pentacles, a card that rules wealth and fertility, a down to earth practicality, and material wishes being granted. Anyone drawing this card can expect compassion, generosity, possibly a motherly influence, and, ultimately, success!

Your Loves, Lusts, Artistic Self and Instincts

Three of Cups Reversed

The number three was used a lot in Greek mythology: Zeus had two brothers, and together they ruled the earth, sea and sky. The three fates wove the life of each human. The three Furies doled out revenge. And the three Graces . . . well, upright, theyre a party. But reversed, they can indicate a third wheel in a relationship, when three is most definitely a crowd.

You as a Procreator, Designer and Scientist

Knight of Cups Reversed

Sea Goddess Thetis was given kind of a raw deal. A prophecy said that any son she might have was likely to surpass his father, which was a problem since she was dating both Zeus and Poseidon! So they conspired together to marry her to a mortal instead, a match that produced the demigod Achilles. In matters of the heart, someone is not being honest with you now.

Your Imagination and Psychic Self

Ten of Cups Reversed

Handsome Hylas was abducted by some nymphs, who knew a good thing when they saw one. But while that left Hylas very happy, it greatly upset his friend and mentor Hercules, who looked tirelessly, and fruitlessly, for him for months. Similarly, the Ten of Cups reversed is about trouble in relationships, separation, and a lack of peace and harmony.

Your Physical Self

Ten of Pentacles Reversed

Persephone was kidnapped by love-struck Hades, and dragged into the Underworld, causing her mother Demeter to go into a serious funk. And since Demeter controlled the seasons, her daughters absence made it constantly bleak winter. The Ten reversed is telling you that your work/life balance is off, too, and need to be fixed before the freeze becomes permanent.

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Karen Chance