Your Star Guide Spread
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Your Present Situation

Ten of Wands

Clio, muse of history, knows a lot of facts but one great truth: theres always another battle, another war, another upheaval. You can focus on those, on the struggle, and see nothing else. Or you can look for the beauty and grace and kindliness that are there, too. Take a break, soldier!

The Cause of Your Conflicts and Obstacles

Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Demeter gave Triptolemus a dragon-powered chariot that he used to fly about Greece, sharing the idea of agriculture. But not everyone was glad to see him. King Lynkos ran him off, fearing that new methods of gathering wealth might weaken his hold over his people. The Knight reversed warns of similar hide-bound behavior that is impeding progress.

The Changes You Need to Make to Face Your Challenges

Eight of Cups Reversed

Most children of the gods got superpowers, good looks, and a home on Mt. Olympus. What did Triton get? A fish tail. But instead of doing the fishy version of emo, he lived it up, siring a whole race of merpeople and stirring up storms with his magic conch shell. Triton was a glass half full kind of guy. And with the Eight reversed, you can be, too.

Your Strengths

Queen of Swords

The Amazons, a tribe of warrior women, allowed no men to live with them, except for slaves. To preserve their numbers, they occasionally visited a nearby tribe, but any male children who resulted were returned to their fathers. Likewise, the Queen of Swords is about choosing intellect over emotion, and making decisions based on logic rather than sentimentality.

Other Challenges

Five of Cups Reversed

So the god Dionysius turned some pirates into dolphins, as punishment for kidnapping him. But, honestly, it could have been worse. Old time pirates didn’t exactly have it easy, and dolphins . . . well, they’re just really cool. Maybe some of the pirates even came to enjoy their new condition, as you might once you adapt to the changes life has recently brought you.

The Final Outcome

The Knight of Wands

Our card shows one of the Dioscuri (better known as the constellation Gemini). They were often worshipped by sailors, who believed that they appeared in the form of St Elmos fire on the rigging of ships, to give protection from storms. In a reading, the Knight of Wands signifies adventure, travel and possibly a vacation over water or abroad.

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Karen Chance