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Your Self Overall

Eight of Pentacles

Erichthonius, an early king of Athens (thats him as a baby on our card), is credited with teaching his people many things: how to capture wild horses and yoke them for plowing, how to make chariots, and how to smelt silver. Likewise, the Eight of Pentacles is all about learning new skills (or furthering your education) in order to improve your current situation.

Matters Concerning Your Home (The Moon Card)

The Seven of Wands

Eos, goddess of the dawn, leads the procession of the day. On the one hand, the sun is shining brightly on you and you have reached the pinnacle of success. On the other, you know what they say about the guy at the top of the hill: theres always someone trying to knock him off. Stand your ground.

Matters Concerning Business, Skills and Integrity (The Card of Mercury)

Page of Pentacles Reversed

Talos, the bronze robot of Crete, had a habit of hurling boulders at ships trying to land. But the Argonauts managed to dock after Medea convinced the creature to remove the single nail keeping its oil-like blood in its body. She swore that doing so would make him immortal, but in fact, it only made him dead. Donít let someone derail your dreams today.

Matters Concerning Love (The Card of Venus)

Two of Wands Reversed

Goddess of the Breeze, Aura, is ready to fan the flames of your creativity, but . . . where are they? Something has doused your fire. Reignite it!

Matters Concerning Hostility, Opposition and Aggression (The Card of Mars)

Ace of Swords Reversed

After defeating the minotaur, Theseus agreed to help a friend acquire the beautiful Persephone for a wife. Just one problem: she was already married, and to Hades, god of the underworld! Nonetheless, the two set off and managed to enter Hades kingdom -- only to immediately fuse to the rocks, unable to move. The Ace of Swords reminds that rash action has a cost.

Matters of Finance, Acquisition and Wealth (The Card of Jupiter)

Eight of Swords Reversed

Oedipus was confronted by the Sphynx with a do or die riddle: what goes on four legs at dawn, two at noon and three in evening? His answer: a man, who crawls as a baby, walks upright as an adult, and needs a cane in old age. In response, the monster threw herself off a cliff, because hed gotten it right. Likewise, obstacles in your path are self-destructing now.

Matters of the Intellect (The Card of Saturn)

Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Hecate, goddess of witchcraft, was also goddess of the crossroads, areas where many paths intersect before going in different directions. Drawing the three of cups reversed indicates that you are on a path that is no longer working for you. But a crossroad is coming up, and you can choose another way.

The Outcome

Ten Of Wands Reversed

History is cyclical -- just ask Clio, the muse of history, on your card. Right now, you may be going through a challenging time. But she would like to remind you that, like the good times, the bad ones never last. There, donít you feel better?

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Karen Chance