Your Celtic Cross Spread
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The Significator represents you and your current state of being.

Seven of Pentacles

Hecate, goddess of witchcraft, was one of the most versatile deities in Greek mythology, believed to have power over the earth, sea and air. Likewise, you are currently being blessed with success in your current field, and the ability to find talents in new areas.



The Crossing Card denotes that which opposes or influences you.

Nine of Swords

After Achilles died, his good friend Ajax claimed his divinely made armor, but his army voted to give it to someone else. He flew into a rage so fierce that, if Athena hadnít confused his mind, he would have slaughtered his own allies. He killed himself afterward, in shame for losing his temper and his honor. Guilt or despair may be plaguing you now, too. Dont give in!



The Foundation card addresses the origin of your question.

The King of Wands

Ares is our King of Wands. At his best, he is a forceful leader that is passionate, dramatic, exciting and bold. He gets results by taking risks, and he gets them fast. In the ancient world, hed be Alexander the Great, conquering through revolutionary military tactics; in the modern, hed be Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Hes telling you to take a risk and innovate.



The Recent Past represents past events and concerns.


Thats Hades up there, Lord of the Underworld and our Death card. But although hes busy dragging off one of the recently deceased, the Death card rarely indicates actual, physical death. Most of the time, it heralds the passing away of something old a destructive relationship, an unhealthy way of life, a job you hate so that something new can grow.



The Crown addresses issues that are significant in the present or may come to pass in the future. This card foretells future events which you may or may not occur, depending upon how you respond to the present situation.

The High Priestess Reversed

The pythia, the ancient oracle at Delphi, is our High Priestess. When you ask her a question, she just points to the two small words carved over her temple doors: Know Thyself. People dont have to hide from you what you refuse to see.



The Future depicts that which lies ahead.

The Sun Reversed

The sun reversed indicates a period when you may be acting under false assumptions. Like an overly bright light, something is blinding you to the reality of the situation, and lulling you into a false sense of security. Everything seems fine -- even wonderful -- but the reality may be very different.



Emotions card signifies the current state of your emotional self.

Six of Pentacles Reversed

Ancient Greece is seen as the founder of modern drama not only because of the skills of its playwrights, but because of the wealthy businessmen willing to sponsor performances. Being stingy risked ostracism from the community, and a failure of your business, while the more you gave, the more you were likely to get in return. The same is true for you now.



External Forces represents the influence of others in your life as well as trends in your relationships with others.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed

Plutus, god of wealth and good harvests, was blinded by Zeus so he would distribute his bounty without consideration of someones worthiness. Or as the old saying goes, the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. The Nine reversed indicates that you may be feeling envious of someone elses good fortune, or may feel under rewarded for your own hard work.



Hopes and Desires stands for the hopes and desires you have for the outcome of your question.

Two of Cups

On her own, Scylla (above) was a feared sea goddess, but pair her with Charybdis, a massive and very dangerous whirlpool, and she was able to turn to Straights of Messina into the ancient Greek equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle. Sunk ships, sunk ships everywhere! Find your other half, partner up and see what kind of power you can generate.



The Outcome the ultimate outcome your question. Remember the future is not predetermined. Interpret this card in the context of the entire reading and as an indicator of the path you are currently on, but not bound to. reading.

Three of Pentacles Reversed

The horai, goddesses of the seasons, were also goddesses of proper timing. It doesnít take much to throw off a harvest: rains that come too early or too late; cold that lingers a bit too long; planting before you should, etc. Likewise, the four reversed warns that your timing may be off just now. Accept that delays happen, and pace yourself.



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