Your Birthday Spread
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Your Present Position in the World

The King of Wands

Ares is our King of Wands. At his best, he is a forceful leader that is passionate, dramatic, exciting and bold. He gets results by taking risks, and he gets them fast. In the ancient world, hed be Alexander the Great, conquering through revolutionary military tactics; in the modern, hed be Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Hes telling you to take a risk and innovate.

Your Goals for the Next Year

Knight of Cups

Sea goddess Thetis is our Knight of Cups. The Knight is all about compassionate love, and Thetis showed this repeatedly. Like when she found the lame Hephaestus, after hed been thrown out of Olympus, and nursed him back to health. In gratitude, he later made arms and armor for her son Achilles. Showing compassion to someone now could yield you valuable rewards later.

That Which Empowers You

Eight of Pentacles Reversed

Erichthonius, king of Athens, established the Panathenanic games (precursor to the Olympics) to honor his adopted mother, Athena. He was himself lame, but didnít let that stop him from competing. He just invented a four wheeled chariot, and used it to beat out many more mobile competitors! Learn from Erichthonius, and donít let obstacles hinder your success.

Powers You Need to Develop

The Wheel of Fortune

Like Ganymede, plucked away from his boring, earthly existence by Zeus and given immortality, this card signifies rapid progress and a change of fortune for you. Chance is on your side.

Your Present Material Self

Ace of Swords Reversed

After defeating the minotaur, Theseus agreed to help a friend acquire the beautiful Persephone for a wife. Just one problem: she was already married, and to Hades, god of the underworld! Nonetheless, the two set off and managed to enter Hades kingdom -- only to immediately fuse to the rocks, unable to move. The Ace of Swords reminds that rash action has a cost.

Your Present Emotional State

Three of Wands

Youth holding a Hare, from an Athenian redware kylix. The boy is shown as a successful hunter, using his skills to bring home the bacon (or the rabbit). Dont be afraid to hunt in new fields today.

Your Present Spiritual Self

The Chariot Reversed

Medea, the driver of our chariot, achieved everything she ever wanted in life through ruthless ambition -- and lost it all the same way. The Chariot reversed warns of the possibility of defeat, especially if the emotions commonly associated with this card are present: rage, ego, selfishness, and bulling tendencies.

That Which Opposes You

Nine of Cups

The great rivers of the ancient world were believed to be gods, maybe because without them, life wouldnít have been possible. One of the greatest of these was mighty Euphrates, which along with the Tigris, made the Fertile Crescent so extraordinarily abundant. Likewise, the Nine of Cups is all about abundance in your life, in work, love, finances, and emotional well-being.

What You Need to Do to Realize Your Goals

Six of Swords Reversed

In the middle of the Trojan War, Achilles got into a quarrel with his ally Agamemnon, who had stolen a beautiful slave that Achilles had wanted for himself. So Achilles refused to fight. Likewise, theres something you need to do, but youre resisting. If you wait until youíre forced into it, your options will be fewer than if you make the decision yourself.

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Karen Chance