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Your Self Overall

The Hierophant

Chiron, the wise centaur and tutor to many demigods, is our Hierophant. A lover of tradition and ceremony, he was known for valuing the many positive aspects of conformity. Or, you know, for being an old stick in the mud. But the first one sounded better, didnt it?

Your Current Mood (The Card of Aries)

Eight of Pentacles

Erichthonius, an early king of Athens (thats him as a baby on our card), is credited with teaching his people many things: how to capture wild horses and yoke them for plowing, how to make chariots, and how to smelt silver. Likewise, the Eight of Pentacles is all about learning new skills (or furthering your education) in order to improve your current situation.

Matters Concerning Finance (The Card of Taurus)

Seven of Cups Reversed

The only man to hear the famous sirens song and live was Odysseus, who bound himself to his ships mast before he passed their island. He knew their voices were irresistible and would lure him to his death, so he made the wise choice to not give himself a choice. Sometimes, willpower needs a little help. Set yourself up for success.

Matters Concerning Travel and Communication (The Card of Gemini)

Page of Cups

Despite his wings, Eros was born of the sea, along with Aphrodite, and is often depicted in watery pastimes. He is also, of course, known for inspiring emotion, and therefore goes brilliantly in Cups, the suite of the emotions. Our Page is bringing you fresh passions, childlike wonder and great communication between lovers or partners.

Matters of the Home, Parents and Children (The Card of Cancer)

The Devil

The Devil card usually stands for temptation, sexual desire and ambition, none of which is bad in and of itself; it all depends on how far you let them go. Pan (who became the model for the medieval image of Satan) was the Greek poster boy of pushing the limits. But then, he was a god. For us mortals, a little restraint can go a long way.

Matters of Pleasure (The Card of Leo)

The Page of Swords

Aphrodite had promised Paris that Helen of Sparta would be his bride, but how to get them together? She solved the problem by sending Paris to Sparta as an envoy, at a time when Helens husband was away. And then sent Himeros (god of desire) to seal the deal. Likewise, you can reach a desired end more easily through diplomacy than force today.

Matters of Health (The Card of Virgo)

Three of Pentacles Reversed

The horai, goddesses of the seasons, were also goddesses of proper timing. It doesn’t take much to throw off a harvest: rains that come too early or too late; cold that lingers a bit too long; planting before you should, etc. Likewise, the four reversed warns that your timing may be off just now. Accept that delays happen, and pace yourself.

Matters of Partnerships and Marriage (The Card of Libra)

The Knight of Wands

Our card shows one of the Dioscuri (better known as the constellation Gemini). They were often worshipped by sailors, who believed that they appeared in the form of St Elmos fire on the rigging of ships, to give protection from storms. In a reading, the Knight of Wands signifies adventure, travel and possibly a vacation over water or abroad.

Matters of Death and Inheritance (The Card of Scorpio)

Ace of Cups Reversed

The Cups are about your emotions, and how you’re perceiving a situation. And right now, instead of an oceans worth of emotion, youre feeling more like a desert, empty and dry. Maybe youre working too hard, maybe youre not spending enough time with friends or family. But something is draining you.

Matters of the Spiritual, Education and Dreams (The Card of Sagittarius)

Two of Wands

Titan Goddess of the Breeze, Aura, sits with the land on one side and the ocean on the other, reflecting that the world is her oyster. Like a stiff breeze fanning the flames, your creativity and inventiveness are getting an extra boost right now.

Matters of Career (The Card of Capricorn)

Seven of Swords

The Swords suite is all about action. But just because youre busy, doesnt mean youre accomplishing anything. The Seven is about expending energy on futile actions, or feeling like any action you take will be useless and thus doing nothing. Like Sisyphus, eternally cursed to roll a boulder up a hill, yet never reach the top, you are in danger of wasting your time.

Matters of Friendship (The Card of Aquarius)

Page of Wands

Hephaestus was the Olympian god of fire, metalworking, stonemasonry and sculpture -- a really creative guy. He made many of the magical items used by gods and heroes alike, including a golden throne for his estranged mother, which wouldn’t allow her to stand up! His challenge, and yours, is to channel creativity into positive things, instead of using it to get in trouble.

Matters of Burdens, Opposition and Fears (The Card of Pisces)

The Seven of Wands

Eos, goddess of the dawn, leads the procession of the day. On the one hand, the sun is shining brightly on you and you have reached the pinnacle of success. On the other, you know what they say about the guy at the top of the hill: theres always someone trying to knock him off. Stand your ground.

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Karen Chance