We have Winners!

We have winners! Actually, everyone was a winner, because there were some seriously inspired submissions for this year’s Halloween Contest. And then the rest of us got to read/see them! So good all around. But some stood out even above the high level of the overall competition, and as promised, three people win Amazon or B&N gift certificates for being that little bit of extra awesome! May I have a drumroll please?

Winner in the written contest: Mary Burden for her great story on Dory/Dorina:

“So, what are you dressing as?” Claire asked Dory.
“I really don’t know. Most historical figures are out. The really interesting ones ended up as vampires anyway and it’s just tacky to dress as someone you might run into.”
Caedmon suggested, “You could go as Lady Godiva.”
Claire pointed out, “Dory doesn’t have long hair.”
“You need the hair to cover the fact that Lady Godiva was nude.”
“Why would you want to cover that?” he asked.
“Shut up,” Claire and Dory said together.
Ray offered, “You could always go as Faith from Buffy.”
“Ummm well, see I ran across Joss Whedon when he was young, I’ve never been sure if Faith was based on me.”
Everyone went quite at that.
Then Dory started to laugh softly.
Dorina had put her opinion in, “Why not go as me.”

Winner of the image contest: Leanne Smith for Pritkin as Dr. Who and Cassie as the Tardis! Inspired. And, as Cassie would say, she always knew she was just a taxi!
Pritkin as Dr. Who

And, finally, our overall winner, with nine, count ‘em, NINE pics: Susan Toth! Her win comes for Pritkin as Constantine.

pritkin as constantine

Will the winners please email me your preferred address for the gift card? I can send electronically or snail mail, your choice. Also, please specify whether you’d like B&N or Amazon. Thanks!

A big thank you to all who entered, and I hope you have a great holiday.

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