Just a small update. I am finishing up Ride the Storm at the moment, and expect to turn it in by the end of this month. That puts me behind on the “Lover’s Knot” novella, however, which probably won’t be finished until sometime in May. So, as a reward for your patience, I am making it another freebie. More news when I have it.

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  • eatakat says:

    Karen Chance,

    I’m a huge fan of your Cassie Palmer novels. I went to Amazon to purchase Ride the Storm today, but I see they are sold out already. I also noticed that there is not a Kindle edition, and I’m a bit choked, because I was so looking forward to reading your latest book.
    Is there any way you can make it available for a Kindle edition, or through your website somehow? Book store is pretty far from where I live, and although I could wait for Amazon to have more in stock, I’d love to be reading it right now.

    • admin says:

      Ride the Storm was delayed back in October. I announced here on the blog and on FB. As soon as I have a date for it, I will post it here. By the way, it should have a Kindle version when it comes out.

  • jflo525 says:

    Much like the original poster, I was looking for Ride the Storm on Amazon because I thought it came out this month but it said sold out without an ebook version. So I googled for the ebook and found this:


    Which I’ve never bought outside of B&N and Amazon and there were no comments so it seemed fishy.

    So I came to this website to check out the news and after reading this post (since I don’t follow social media) I see that the book has been delayed. I can only assume this purchase is a scam of some sort?

  • HayRen says:

    I ordered Ride the Storm (paperback) over the internet on April 4, it’s supposed release date, and when it was never delivered I sent an inquiry to the book store.
    They are now telling me that the book isn’t set to release until 2017!
    Is this true?

    • admin says:

      The delay was announced here back in Oct. I do not have a release date yet. But I should know something soon, and I will announce it as soon as I know it.

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