Update Pritkin!



So, recently we’ve helped out poor Radu, done some good work with Dory, and even tackled the consul’s sartorial needs. But they’re all easy mode compared to the biggest challenge of them all: the one, the only, the world’s worst dressed incubus, John Pritkin!

Having spent the last century or so deliberately downplaying his looks, trying to appear scruffy, unfashionable, and even outright seedy at times, it has to be admitted . . . Pritkin has succeeded admirably. His hair is terrible, his face is perpetually unshaved, he smells like potion residue and gunpowder, and his clothes—well, who can tell? A long, battered trench coat hides everything except for the ever-present steel-tipped boots. And before you start making excuses for him (don’t lie, you know you were going to), can we all just recall his unkempt state in 1793? Sartorially elegant Pritkin is not.

So, how about it? Can you make over the unmakeoverable? Do you dare to reform the unreformable? Can you, in your wildest dreams, imagine making Pritkin . . . look good? (And don’t give me that, “he’d look good with nothing on” bit. This is about CLOTHES people. Important stuff. Shape up!)

So, you’ve seen how it works, right? Send me in a collage like the ones you’ve been peppered with for Dory/the Consul. One slide per entry on a single type/style of clothing, please (casual, formal, serious, tongue-in-cheek, whatever). But you can enter as many times as you want. The best of the best will be put up for a vote on the web page one week from today, and the top three looks will win amazing prizes! Astounding loot! Unbelievable bounty!

Or, you know, a $25.00 Amazon or B&N gift card.

But it’s not about the money; it’s about the challenge, possibly the greatest one ever laid before womankind (or guykind, we’re not bigots around here). So, any fearless takers? If so, send your entries, with suitable commentary, to KarenChance@hotmail.com. So go forth, brave souls! Go forth and triumph! And if you see a mad-eyed blond with a furious scowl coming at ya, take some advice: run.

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