Stinky’s Picks

Stinky wasn’t asked, either, but he saw everyone else around the table and quietly put together his own list while they debated. He chose footie pjs, because even though he prefers to go au naturale himself, he’s noticed that Aiden seems to like his pajamas, so he’s decided it’s a human thing. He added giraffe boots because Dory needs new boots and Stinky is currently obsessed with giraffes. They are the only thing on earth he’s seen so far that are stranger looking than he is. And finally, a paint-splattered tee, because Dory seems happiest when she is painting something. He slid his list onto the table and went to watch TV with Sven. Dory didn’t see it until the end, at which time she loudly proclaimed that they had a winner! Conversations are ongoing.

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