Vampire Evening (Cassie)

I didn’t love it. “Is this supposed to be funny?”
“No. See, the shoulder has beading that looks like blood–”
“Yes, but–”
“–a vamp’s favorite thing! And the red dress is a salute to the French Revolution, one of their favorites eras,”
“I didn’t know that was a favorite.”
“Oh, sure. Guillotines and parties and mayhem . . .”
“Uh huh. And the pointy-ended stake around her neck?”
“That’s a cross.”
“It’s a stake, and I don’t think they’d find that very funny.”
“It’s a cross, and some of them are very religious, and the rest love irony so you’re good either way.”
I decided not to argue the point, since the red wasn’t even the worst offender. “And the black . . . thing?”
“It’s a body stocking.”
“And that’s appropriate because?”
“Because it sparkles, see?” She slid her eyes over to me, and then burst out laughing.
“Oh, I see,” I told her nicely. And then I threw her out the door.

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