Pythia Evening

And just as easy is eveningwear, with everything from acanthus leaf hair ornaments to flowing, Grecian-style dresses easy to find if you know–oh, damn.
“Having any luck?” A familiar curly head pokes its way around the door.
“Yes, thanks. Everything’s good here.”
“Really? ‘Cause Billy Joe said you’d picked out some awful olive green thing–”
“It isn’t awful! And Greece grew a lot of olives. The entire Athenian economy was based on them at one–”
“Oh God.” She looked at me tragically.
“You’re not going to do another history lesson, are you?”
“No, I was merely commenting on the–hey. What’s wrong with my–”
“I’m just saying that olive isn’t really my color,” she cut in, and thrust something into my hands. “So I found some things for you. You’ll like these.”
“Why do I doubt that?” I said dryly.

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