Someone asked recently about Cassie/Dory merchandise. I talked to Rio, who has her own design site now and we are in the process of getting some cute designs made for the website. I’m not putting these on Cafe Press or a similar site, because their prices are kind of ridiculous these days. Instead, Rio is making transparent background images of her designs (and some new ones) so you can easily do transfers at home for very little. Or, if you don’t want the hassle, you can make your own shirts/mugs/whatever with them on a number of sites (even Cafe Press, which I like for quality just not for the price!) The designs should be up on the website next week, under the Freebies tab. Feel free to use them for yourself/friends/family, etc., just please don’t upload them to a website in order to make money off them! I wouldn’t mention this, but I had a problem recently.

Anyway, the reason I brought this up now, is because Rio wants to know what your favorite quotes are from the series that might go well on t-shirts. She’s going to take the most liked ones and optimize them, so that they’ll come out best on your shirts. These are some she likes:

“I wasn’t entirely sure, but a polite John Pritkin might be a sign of the apocalypse.” Embrace the Night

“My sometimes friend, sometimes enemy, all the time pain in the ass.” Hunt the Moon

“A legend is merely a man history decided to bugger.” Hunt the Moon

“To know Pritkin was to want to kill him, but so far I’d resisted temptation.” Embrace the Night

“I have a theory about war mages,” I said. “The more powerful they are, the worse the hair.” Curse the Dawn

“He was an enigma, John Pritkin: a mad scientist with gun calluses and old scars and even more secrets than me.” Embrace the Night

Please vote/leave your own ideas today. As Rio says: “I am trying to get all of this done by early next week so people can print them out for Christmas gifts. I found some really cool iron on peel transfer paper at Walmart for less than 10 bucks for 10 sheets. What a fun craft present to make for your friends for Christmas!”

Yep, sounds fun to me!

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