Surprise ARCs!

Okay, so I got a surprise box of ARCs from my editor today. I’ve been after them so much over the Read for Pixels thing, and the ARCs I’d promised people for the event, that I think they slipped up and sent me two boxes (or maybe it’s a bribe to shut me up!) Anyway, I’m doing another giveaway (to enter, send your name and “ARC” to Only there’s a catch this time: if you enter this drawing, you have to be willing to do a non-spoilery review of the book. It doesn’t matter where (Amazon, B&N, etc.) but you have to promise to do one! It should, of course, be an honest review of what you think of the book. Anyway, I have three available! I will do the drawing tonight at midnight EST, so get those names in, and good luck!

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