Reap the Wind and Ride the Storm

Okay! Due dates, finally, finally, finally!


Reap the Wind, Cassie Palmer #7: November 2015

Ride the Storm, Cassie Palmer #8: April, 2016.

Both are chunky, chunky books. RTW is 170,000 words, Ride the Storm is still tba, but will not be skinny! Hope you enjoy!

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  • varouch says:

    Okay, it’s gotta be long time but I admit, I’ll wait.
    Since I first met your books I gave birth to two children, do you have sometimes the feeling you are getting old with your books? That you would never imagined where the plot will go in the beginning, that there are so many possibilities how to change the story? Have you ever regretted something in the plot?

    • admin says:

      sometimes the feeling you are getting old with your books?

      Lol, no. I am immortal.

      That you would never imagined where the plot will go in the beginning, that there are so many possibilities how to change the story?

      There are always little ways to change it, sure. But the basic structure has been in place all along, and so many clues have been put in place now that it would be hard to just upend it. Besides, why would I want to? It’s a great story!

      Have you ever regretted something in the plot?

      In the plot? No. In how I wrote it? Sometimes. As you write, if you’re putting in effort anyway, you tend to get better. Learn how to set things up/payoff a scene better, how to get to the point faster, how to just make the story flow more easily. So, obviously, when you go back to earlier works, you find yourself saying, man, I wish I’d phrased that differently, or explained more or less, whatever the situation needed. But you did the best job you could at the time, and that’s all you can do, really. So, no, overall I am and always have been happy with the books.

  • teadragon says:

    Wonderful! Great! Thrilled that we have dates now. HOWEVER……
    When’s the next Dory book coming? Given that we left Dory mumble mumble spoilery bit mumble, I am desperate to know what happens next to her!

  • marci says:

    At least we know. But may I humbly ask, “Why so far off”? You may be immortal, but I am not getting any younger. Ha. Please tell your publisher two years is too long between books. I can’t wait to read the next one, whether it is Cassie or Dory. In fact, at first, I didn’t like the Dory books as well as the Cassie books. Now, I love them both. Cannot wait! Desperate here!

    • admin says:

      The thing a lot of people don’t realize is that bookstores order physical books months ahead of when they plan to sell them. They have to do this to make sure that they have enough floor space for everything that will be coming in. E-books don’t need space, of course, but it is difficult to have a book come out in ebook format on one date and in paperback on another. People get annoyed, because not everyone likes reading ebooks. So all versions of a story are usually timed to come out on the same day.

      So when a book misses a deadline, as RTW did, it messes up the bookstore orders and a new slot has to be found for it. I have only had one other book pushed back (Death’s Mistress) and I was lucky that time–a space opened up just three months from the original pub date, due to someone else missing a deadline and my book getting slotted into to their space in the lineup. But this time, there was no free space where my book could go. So it was put into the next spot available, which happened to be Nov. (yes, orders are done that far ahead). Otherwise, you could have the book in your hands in a few months. But that’s not how publishing works.

      Anyway, on the plus side, this will allow both RTW and the sequel, Ride the Storm, to come out within six months of each other, which will be very nice. So I suppose there is a silver lining, after all! Anyway, thanks for being polite. And I hope you enjoy the books when they become available. 🙂

  • marci says:

    Thank you for explaining how publishing works. I did not realize all of that. I hope I was polite, sometimes what is in my head does not come across the way I intend it to when I type it. I had reread all of your books in anticipation of the new one and got all excited. I will just have to be patient. I know creativity can not be rushed. ( I love real books, not ebooks)

  • kmhoyt says:

    So excited for this next book! Thank you for the update on publication 😉
    I see on Amazon that the paperback and the audio book are available for pre-order but there is no mention of the ebook. Is this just because it is so far from the date or is there not going to be an ebook available?

  • nikynik345 says:

    Hi Karen, I have a question about the Audio Book version. Will it be available on too? Thanks!!

  • ClareKA says:

    YAY a Date! NOOO! It’s so far away!! 🙁

    While I’m pleased as punch that we get two books so close together, (and I hope, I hope, I hope! Pritkin back?! Pleeeeease!!) I’m bummed it’s now after my due date for my second child! I actually had my hubby hide the second Dory book until I went into labor with our first child, and while it didn’t exactly go the way I planned having it to read (twice!) durring my 10 day hospital stay afterwards really helped, I was hoping to do the same with this one, drat! 😛

    Any chance (haha) since we have to wait so long we might get a sneak peak at chapter two as well?? You know for the fans that are chomping at the bit to read more? Or maybe another short to tide us over? 🙂

    Much love,

    • admin says:

      Actually, I have already posted chapter 2. I always post the first two chapters together prior to publication. Unfortunately, that is all my contracts allow me to post. I will, however, be releasing a short or two to help with the wait. I hope you’ll enjoy, and that this baby is a little easier on you than the first!

  • annah says:

    Hallelujah, a date! It’s a pity it’s so far away, but I guess I’ll have to spend the time re-reading my already half-destroyed copies of the old ones for the five-billionth time. It’s a good thing I can actually do that without getting bored with them! They really are extremely good.

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