Read for Pixels Prizes

So, a big thank you to everyone who helped me decide on the Read for Pixels swag. After much thought, I’ve settled on the following four swag bags. Once all the assorted stuff is in, I’ll take pics and post them, but for now, a description will have to do:

1. Cassie swag: A custom tote bag (because I have recently discovered that people really, really like totes) filled with a custom designed tarot card deck, a bottle of sparkly pink nail polish, a set of all the Cassie books (signed of course), and some Ride the Storm bookmarks. I have also asked for an ARC of Ride the Storm, but haven’t received an answer on that yet. But here’s hoping!

2. Dory swag: A custom Dory tote (because, again, there’s some serious tote bag lovin’ going on out there), a one of a kind baby Stinky plushie, the chance to be a minor character in an upcoming Dory novel, and the same book/bookmark thing as above. Plus an ARC if I nab any.

3. Mircea swag: A custom Mircea tote bag, a beautiful cross necklace, a Washington State candle (smells amazing), and the book/bookmarks combo, with an ARC if possible.

4. Pritkin swag: A custom Pritkin tote bag, a custom Pritkin mug (large of course), a pound of Death Wish coffee (the world’s strongest, natch) and the same signed books/bookmarks/possible ARC as above.

So, how do you get ’em? As I understand it, they’re giving them away, some to donors and some to people who show up for the Google hangout. I’ll fill you in on more details as I get them. But it sounds like a good time!

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