Q&A #51

Question 1:   Was Mircea’s first wife’s name Elena or Helena? Or are both correct?

Elena is the Romanian version of the Greek name Helen/a. So both are correct.

Question 2:   In Death’s Mistress, while they were in Mircea’s apartment and just about to leave and meet with Elyas, Dory mentioned that she didn’t know a single vampire other than Louis-Cesare who didn’t tense up slightly when she came within arm’s reach, not even family. I’m wondering – Mircea and Radu (and Horatiu too, I’m sure) clearly love Dory, even if she didn’t know it at the time, so why would they all tense up around her every time she’s near?

Because she’s a crazy, unpredictable dhampir who regularly kills their kind? Roy of Siegfried and Roy loved giant cats. But he forgot what they were capable of, and as a result, one almost killed him. Dory is a dangerous being by her very nature; she can’t change that, and dropping your guard around a predator capable of taking you out is a very stupid move. Readers see Dory’s softer, more human side because they hear her thoughts/follow her reasoning. All the vampires have to go on is what they hear her say, and more importantly, see her do. Most vampires consider Louis-Cesare quite, quite mad for getting within arms’ length of a being who might go into a fit and kill him at any moment. But then, he’s always been a little crazy, too.

Question 3:   What has Mircea done to Dory (before the events depicted in the series, i.e. Dory finding out about his memory wiping) that made her trust him so little? Was it the perceived lack of warmth and nurture a child would normally expect from her parents, or was it because he is a vampire? It’s just that in the books, Dory seemed to think that any show of warmth or concern from Mircea towards her well-being was an attempt to trick her into trusting him so he could get something out of her. This gives me the impression that he has actually done this in the past.

It’s because he is a vampire, partially, yes, but you forget: Dory doesn’t remember her childhood. She didn’t, until very recently, have anything to go on from Mircea except what he told her, and he couldn’t tell her much or risk damaging the barrier he had fought so hard to build. So what did she know? Some vampire sires her, then abandons her for centuries, which okay, is better than killing her outright but doesn’t make her all warm and fuzzy. Then one day, a guy shows up in a tavern in Italy, out of the blue, and claims to be that vampire. It turns out he wasn’t lying, but why does she care? He obviously didn’t, except for finally figuring out that she wasn’t going to die quickly like the rest of her kind and so might be useful. Dory spent centuries seeing herself as nothing more than a part of Mircea’s formidable arsenal—a tool or weapon to be trotted out when needed. She put up with it because, in return, he gave her some much needed protection from higher up vamps, and occasionally shot a job her way. But she viewed him as a necessary evil, nothing more, and resented it greatly when he pretended to any affection. Given the info she had at the time, her attitude was reasonable.

Question 4:   How come when Dory slips into dhampir mode, her voice becomes guttural?

Vampire Dory isn’t human Dory. She may be in the same body, but the mind is very different and draws on the non-human aspects of her being far more than Dory does. She also isn’t used to talking much, since most people assume she can’t! Plus, when Dory relinquishes control it’s usually because things are about to hit the fan. And a sweet/light tone doesn’t really compliment slaughter.

Question 5:   I loved reading Masks, and being able to get a glimpse of Mircea with his first wife. Would you ever consider writing a short story or novella focusing on Mircea and Elena/Helena? Or do you feel that the backstory revealed in the Midnight’s Daughter series and Masks so far is enough? Or (sorry haha) would you prefer to reveal more from within the plot of the the series as it progresses, rather than have a separate short story/novella for it?

Someone who liked Masks! My God, it’s like meeting a unicorn! So I wish I could comment on your question, I really do. But I can’t. I will say that if I ever stop writing these epicly long books and can afford to devote some time to it, I would like to write another book or two on Mircea. His is a fascinating story and I’d enjoy doing more with it. It won’t pay the bills, because you, me and maybe five other people are the only ones likely to ever read it! But sometimes, you have to do things just because you want to, you know? Anyway, we’ll see. And thanks for reading, lol!

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  • Brooke says:

    I loved Masks! I admit I prefer Dory and Cassandra but really enjoyed getting to see Mircea point of view and back story.

  • anna says:

    I loved Masks; and all the background information you posted on Venice. (In fact we went on a detour to Venice this summer, partly inspired by Masks; I’d always put it off previously). I guess I’m team Pritkin but Mircea and the baby vamps were such fun. Thank you for creating it. I’m amazed sales were slow! I’d love to know more about Mircea.
    As for the delay, quality always! We’ll wait!

  • Amal says:

    I loved Masks! I was so excited to find it on Amazon (I was checking to make sure I had all of your books), got it, read it in one sitting. I would love to see a Radu back story etc. So great!

  • ckl says:

    I loved how much characterization we got in masks! I’ve read it a few times over now 🙂 sorry to hear it’s not a feasible future project 🙁

    • admin says:

      I didn’t say it wasn’t feasible. I said it will have to be a labor of love, fitted in when/if I can afford it. Paperback authors make very little, and live close to the bone. Devoting half a year to writing something for the fans for which I made little income was doable once, but doing that over and over is unwise if I want to eat! If I get enough ahead on the bills that I can afford to do another, however, I will.

  • kathlyns says:

    I loved masks. Truthfully it was wonderful. I was wondering if there was any chance for it to make print? While I got it on my tablet, I prefer to have physical copies of books I’m going to reread. And this is certainly one of them.

  • BaiLia says:

    Just going to jump on the bandwagon three years late. I adored Masks. I didn’t expect to but I was craving more of your books once I’d binged the others and bought it like a junkie craving a fix. I’ve read it three times now and I’m about to go in for a fourth. I loved the atmosphere and the writing and the fact that it was in third person – don’t get me wrong, first person is perfect for Cassie and Dory but Mircea just wouldn’t suit it. I know this makes no difference to the way it sold as a whole but I thought it might be nice to hear that there were a few more unicorns in the world.

  • Aileen424 says:

    I just have to say, Mircea has always been my favorite. Not only in regards to the Cassie and Dory books, but in well…book men in general haha. Masks was INCREDIBLE and I did a happy dance for about a week after it came out. And will do so again when I reread it before RtS comes out. Because I cannot get enough of Mircea. Honestly, the only thing better than another Mircea book would be one about Mircea and Marlowe being in cahoots together as we see snippets of from time to time.I love Cassie, but Mircea is my number one favorite book man and character in the Cassie Palmer world in general as well.

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