Entry #9: Black Tie

Creator says “Pritkin hasn’t had to wear his tuxedo since the ’20s (perhaps unsurprisingly, he doesn’t get invited to black tie events too often) and that old thing is moth-ridden. Thankfully, what’s old is new again with a boxy design that fits his plethora of weaponry (what, you expected him to go anywhere without a gun, knife or potions?). Throw in a pair of comfortable wingtips (you never know when you might encounter a slippery pool of blood) and a gifted pair of functional pocketknife cuff links, and you’ve got an outfit he can deal with for the next few hours.”

Tuxedo: The Great Gatsby collection from Brooks Brothers

Cuff links: CoolMaterial.com

Shoes: Doc Marten’s Alfred from the Windsor collection.

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