Preview Chapters of Ride the Storm


First two chapters are up on the Books page. Enjoy!

5 Responses to Preview Chapters of Ride the Storm

  • clc says:

    Great preview! Can’t wait till it’s out.

  • spktme says:

    Oh my gosh I loved it and I laughed out loud several times! It was hilarious and a great early Christmas present! Great job but then again all your works are. I have to say one of my favorites and the one I laughed the most was while reading A Family Affair it was ROFL! 😉

    I mean come on between the hilarious Casanova and Rossier moments the cherry on top was Hot Pritkin moment with wings. Perfect! it couldn’t be any better! It is one of my go to reads when waiting for the next book.

  • Peppyspin5 says:

    I’m loving these books and will read them again. Am really wondering when book 8 will be released though??????
    I’ve found myself at a stale mate, I can’t want to read anything else….. I guess wanting closure on the whole Cassie Pritkin thing…. Chewing my nails away waiting for this book to become available…. Looking forward to it very much

  • freyja.vanadis says:

    I really love the chapter preview. The Cassie and Rosier comedy duo is GREAT. Rosier has always been very tongue-in-cheek wry humor to me, and he and Cassie make a great unintentional comedy team as they unfailingly prove Cassie’s Rule. If it weren’t for bad luck those two would have no luck at all!

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