Public Service Announcement

In the past few days, I have received repeated emails from people unhappy about Ride the Storm supposedly being the last book in the Cassandra Palmer series. They were angry that I hadn’t tied up every single strand and given them a proper send off. They were distressed because someone, somewhere, had told them that this was the last book and they believed it.

It occurred to me that, if I was getting repeated emails, there might be more people out there who believed the same thing, but who hadn’t dropped me a line. So here, for the record, is my official take on this: this is not the last book.

Originally, there were supposed to be nine books in the series, three interwoven trilogies, each dealing with a different challenge for Cassie to face. A sort of “Big Bad” around which her other adventures were framed. This book completes the second of these “trilogies” (the quotation marks are because they each took four books to complete, not three as originally intended.) So we have a ways still to go. I am not saying, btw, that there are exactly four books left; I am saying that it will take at least that many to complete the original design.

Thank you for reading this boring post, but apparently, I needed to get this out there.


Congratulations to Katy Mason, Jeff Bratlien, and Pamela Butler, the winners of the ARC draw! Your books should arrive this week. Hope you enjoy!

Books came in!

I just received author’s copies for Ride the Storm! If you want one, send a note with Ride the Storm in the tag line to I will choose three randomly at noon tomorrow from all entries, and mail them out the same day. Read it before everyone else! Get those entries in (one per person, please).

Author’s Copies Ride the Storm

Hey guys, remember the cover art contest for Lover’s Knot? Well, I promised all the entries a signed copy of RtS when my author’s copies came in. They should be here soon, so I’d like to collect addresses. If you entered, please send me the physical address where you’d like your book sent. Thanks!

Lover’s Knot is now on Smashwords!

So, the copy edited “Lover’s Knot” is now up on Smashwords. It’s also been submitted to Amazon, but will probably not show up on their site for a few days; they tend to be slow. For those who don’t remember how this worked for “Zombie’s Bite”, if you want to download the novella from Smashwords, you can do so now for free. However, Amazon doesn’t have a free option like Smashwords. It won’t let me just go ahead and mark it as free to begin with. What has to happen is that I upload it for the lowest price that they do allow (.99), and then one of you has to price match it to Smashwords. After that, Amazon will zero it out (usually after a day or so) for everyone. There should be a button on your Kindle for price matching, from what I’ve been told.

The Smashwords link is here.

Update: Amazon just posted. You can find it here.

“Lover’s Knot” completed!

The rough draft of “Lover’s Knot” is now complete. I am having the novella copy edited, and as soon as I receive it back, I’ll upload it to Amazon and Smashwords. So you may want to avoid downloading it until then, to ensure that you have the best quality copy possible. However, it’s plenty good enough to go ahead and read as is, so enjoy!

Lover’s Knot

Chapter Fifteen of “Lover’s Knot” is up!

Chapter Fourteen of “Lover’s Knot” is up!

Chapter Thirteen of “Lover’s Knot” is up!

Chapter Twelve of “Lover’s Knot” is up!