Chapter Ten of “Lover’s Knot” is up!

Chapter Nine of “Lover’s Knot” is up!

Up late writing the Dory book, remembered it was time for the Dory novella (mostly because somebody posted and reminded me, lol!) So, yes, chapter nine of “Lover’s Knot” is up. 🙂

Chapter Eight of “Lover’s Knot” is up!


Chapter Seven of “Lover’s Knot” is up!


Chapter Six of “Lover’s Knot” is Up!

What the title says. 🙂

Chapter Five of “Lover’s Knot” is up!


Chapter Four of “Lover’s Knot” is up.

I normally do these updates on Thursdays, but somebody really wanted it early this week, and I happened to have it proofread already, so here you go. Enjoy!

The Justice Card and Chapter Three of “Lover’s Knot”

Leila has outdone herself this time! I present to you, the Justice card: Louis-Cesare. Isn’t he great? I just love these!

In semi-related news, the third chapter of “Lover’s Knot” is up. Enjoy!

Mircea Tarot Card!

Today must be fan art day, because Leila Rheaume just sent me the next tarot card in her ongoing series. If you haven’t seen the others scroll on down a ways–they’re all awesome! This one is the Emperor, and who better for that than our favorite imperious Basarab? Love it!

Found Art: Cassie