Mircea Swag!


Larger pics here:

Mircea swag! And it’s sweet! If you choose the Mircea swag pack from the Read for Pixels charity, you get a full set of signed Cassie Palmer books, a Romanian carved wood puzzle box (to keep all your secrets safe), an ARC of Ride the Storm, a wonderful candle with the scents of Washington State (it smells amazing), and a silver gilt garnet cross and chain! The chain is 17 inches, and comes with an extender to increase that another 2.5 inches if you like. The cross is just gorgeous in person — the pics really don’t do it justice. Just the sort of thing Mircea would choose, because, of course, he has excellent taste!

So that’s it for the four swag bags — hope you snag one. But if not, don’t worry, because there will be plenty more prizes at the event itself. More on those next week, as well as some hints on the trivia contest to win them. Have a great week!

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