Dragon’s Claw Cover Art

With the cover art contest for “Lover’s Knot”, the upcoming Dory novella, ending today, I’ve been thinking about covers. I was unhappy with the “Dragon’s Claw” cover art (for the novella after this one) that I’d done, mainly because of the background. The one I’d originally come up with was too busy and not moody enough, but creating something better had defeated me. Then, while browsing DeviantArt, I came across an image from a young Singapore-based designer and fell in love with it. I was lucky enough to get the rights to use it as a background for Dory, which made me very happy, but felt it was a shame that you would end up seeing so little of it. So I decided to post the whole thing here.

His name is Sean Jun, and he goes by Narandel. Here is a link to his whole gallery — very impressive stuff. Go take a look if you like digital art. He’s very talented.

And here is the revised cover, using his background. Amazing what the right atmosphere can do!

Anyway, check back tomorrow for all the great entries in the cover art contest!


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