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So, I’m behind (big surprise there, I know), and don’t have your new freebie novella ready yet. I am hoping to get it up sometime this month, however. In any case, as a mea culpa, here is one of my favorite scenes from Reap the Wind that didn’t make it into the book. Hope you enjoy.

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  • maeve says:

    That was such a fabulous scene, I really loved it! Thanks so much for sharing it. I’m always fascinated by little insights into Pritkin’s life and the world of the demons in general. I am curious though, as to who’s right about Pritkin’s death wish. Rosier thinks he’s suicidal, but in A Family Affair, he said he’d never actually wanted to die. So is Rosier just misinterpreting apathy for actual suicidal tendencies or is Pritkin fooling himself? Thanks again <3

    • admin says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. In this scene, Rosier is trying to convince Cassie that Pritkin would be better off with him in the hells instead of on earth. This is before they realized how difficult getting him back was going to be, so Rosier is under the impression here that his son will shortly be back to normal. He is preparing for the inevitable conflict over the deal he made, and is aware that one of Pritkin’s main objections to it is that Cassie needs him back on earth. So getting her on his side would go a long way toward convincing Pritkin to stay in hell. In other words, he’s lying to attempt to influence her.

  • cm214 says:

    Loved it. Those two really do not get on. It is so interesting to get these events from Rosier’s POV. You can kind of understand why he did the things he did but it is amazing how right he believes himself to be and how completely unrepentant he is. Now I’m left wondering who this girl was he killed a council member for. Will we find out? Is she at all relevant? Am I grasping at straws?

    • admin says:

      I’m happy that you enjoyed it. Yes, you’ll find out about the girl later. Part of the reason I cut the chapter was not to bring in another complication that wasn’t directly relevant to the plot right now. Need to tie up this part of the story before moving on to any others!

  • novium says:

    I’d wait a year for a scene as juicy as that! (And more seriously, just knowing that there is more story to come is enough for me, whether it works out to be a month or a year or five years. It gives me something to look forward to even when there’s a lot of unknowns ahead. Plus, anticipation makes things all the sweeter. … And there’s the little matter that if I were to judge anyone for delays in completing something, my PhD supervisor would probably fly all the way from London to California to give me the stink eye)

  • jen says:

    I totally love the your books. So much that I started to read them in english as the translations stopped. But I wonder, if Ride the Storm is already published because I can’t buy it on amazon (or anywhere else for that matter) but there are reviews claiming they are for this book. So hopefully you can help me. If it is not published yet, take your time I will wait. Good books need time. 😉

    • admin says:

      I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the books. No, RTS isn’t out yet. I have no idea how there are reviews anywhere, but you know the internet. I hope you’ll enjoy it when you do get it.

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