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Hi all,

I am finishing up “Lover’s Knot”, the new Dory freebie, and have decided I don’t like the cover art I did for it.

It doesn’t seem to go very well with the other two covers (see below), which are more Dory centered and just came out better.

If both Dory and LC were going to be used, I was thinking something more like the image below, which I created for a story (TBA) with Pritkin and Cassie:

But I’m open to anything, really. It just needs Paris, LC, and Dory, or just Paris and Dory. So I decided to open it up to a contest, if anyone is interested. Winner gets a $75 B&N or Amazon gift card, plus a signed copy of Ride the Storm whenever I get my author’s copies. That may be before everyone else gets to read it, it may not; I never know when they are going to send them. Anyway, if your cover is used on the novella, you’ll also receive acknowledgement as the artist. I plan to publish the story end of this month or first of next, so let’s make the deadline Sept. 25. And, remember, if I don’t get a better pic from you guys, I’ll use the ugly one, lol!

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