By the way, I thought I should clarify something on the whole pirate issue. I am perfectly okay with you taking excerpts from the books and using them on t-shirts, mugs, whatever floats your boat, for your own use. I am also perfectly okay with you doing this as a present for another person/people you think would like them. If you come up with something really creative, send me a pic–I’ll probably enjoy it, too!

The problem comes when someone starts selling that sort of thing for a profit, as the woman on redbubble is doing, or like the guys who took my free stories off Smashwords and uploaded them–at a very high price point!–to Amazon. But as long as it’s for your own consumption, go to town! I want you to enjoy the books. I just want to make enough to be able to keep writing them for you!

Hope that avoids any confusion.

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