Chapter Seven of “Lover’s Knot” is up!


Chapter Six of “Lover’s Knot” is Up!

What the title says. 🙂

Chapter Five of “Lover’s Knot” is up!


Chapter Four of “Lover’s Knot” is up.

I normally do these updates on Thursdays, but somebody really wanted it early this week, and I happened to have it proofread already, so here you go. Enjoy!

The Justice Card and Chapter Three of “Lover’s Knot”

Leila has outdone herself this time! I present to you, the Justice card: Louis-Cesare. Isn’t he great? I just love these!

In semi-related news, the third chapter of “Lover’s Knot” is up. Enjoy!

Mircea Tarot Card!

Today must be fan art day, because Leila Rheaume just sent me the next tarot card in her ongoing series. If you haven’t seen the others scroll on down a ways–they’re all awesome! This one is the Emperor, and who better for that than our favorite imperious Basarab? Love it!

Dory #4 Preview

So, I’m supposed to be finishing up “Lover’s Knot”, a freebie Dory novella, only Penguin needs the fourth Dory novel in earlier than expected, and you know, I have to eat. So, in the meantime, I thought I’d do a couple of things to keep you guys busy. First, about the next Dory book, tentatively entitled Shadow’s Bane. That title hasn’t been approved yet, by the way, so may end up changing. Call it a working title for now. Anyway, you can find the first few chapters on the Books page, under the not-a-cover I’ve got there as a placeholder until the real one is finished. Enjoy!

Secondly, since I have a lot of “Lover’s Knot” already written, I thought I’d post a chapter a week of the finished stuff (unedited) for anybody who wants it now. The first post will go up late today. It’ll be on the Freebies page as usual. For those of you who’d prefer to wait and read the whole, edited, spit and polished version, just avoid the weekly posts. I’ll make a note on the blog and FB etc. when the finished novella is up on Amazon and Smashwords, and you can download the whole thing then. Okay? Okay. I gotta go write; you guys have a nice week. 🙂

Last ARC Winners!

Good morning! Just wanted to let you know the results of the last ARC drawing. Congrats to Elizabeth Wyatt, Hildegard Hettinger and Cheyla Hernandez Gonzalez! Ladies, please send me your addresses and I will get your prizes right out to you. And thank you to everyone who participated in the events all this month. I had a great time, and hope you did, too!

Cassie Tarot Card!

Leila is at it again! This time, she did a Cassie tarot card to match the Pritkin one of a few days ago (if you missed that one, just scroll down). How cute!

A larger size image will be available on the FanArt page in a short while. <3

Final ARC Giveaway

Good morning everyone! So, remember that unexpected box of ARCs I was sent? I gave three away to you guys and sent offers to reviewers and bloggers for the rest. Only . . . most of them didn’t want one. 🙁 Which is bad for me, but great for you, because it means I have extra ARCs! Three, to be exact, which also happens to be the number of Cassie tote bags I have left. So I’m matching ’em up and doing one last ARC giveaway! Just send your name with Final ARC in the title to KarenChance@hotmail.com. Contest closes March 30 at midnight EST, and I’ll announce the winners the next day. Good luck! 😀