Final ARC Giveaway!

Zhinus Borumand, come on down! Or at least send me your address,
so I can get your prize to you, because you won an ARC!

For everyone who didn’t win, don’t despair! Final copies are coming
this summer, and as soon as Penguin loads me up, I’ll have another
contest to give ’em away. Thanks for playing!

Last Trivia Question

Cara Phillips, looking at you! You won an ARC! Send me your snail mail stuff
and I’ll put it in the post for you.

All right everyone: last question, last chance. Let’s make it both easy and
fun this time. Dory loves magic and buys a ton of it. Name three of her
more memorable purchases.

As before, please send your answers to KarenChance@hotmail.com rather
than posting them here. Let’s keep the ARCs in the family, okay? Thanks,
and good luck!

Second Trivia Question

Congrats to Jennifer Cui, winner of the first Shadow’s Bane ARC!
Send me your snail mail, Jennifer, and I’ll get it right out to you. 🙂

For the second trivia question, how about an easy one? What was the name
of the old man who accompanied Mircea to Venice, and was Dory’s
teacher/babysitter/nemesis as she grew up?

You know the drill: please send the answer to KarenChance@hotmail.com
to be entered into the contest. Please don’t answer it here. I am using
trivia questions to weed out the filthy casuals, so that the people who
win will really enjoy the books (rather than sell them on ebay).
Thanks, and good luck!

First Trivia Question

It’s here! The first day of the Shadow’s Bane book giveaway! Just send your answer to the following trivia question (can be from the books or shorts) to KarenChance@hotmail.com. After midnight EST, I’ll do a random draw from all the correct answers and one lucky person will get it! ‘Kay, the question for today is:

What were the first words Dory and Marlowe ever said to each other?

Good luck!



Guess what came in the mail today? Mmhm, that’s right: ARCs of Shadow’s Bane! Imma give some away. Starting tomorrow, for three days, I’ll post a trivia question for the Dory series. Questions can come from the books, novellas, or short stories. I’ll do a random drawing from all the correct answers submitted, and that person will get a gorgeous ARC! Seriously, they’re really cute–they even put the cover image on them, instead of one of those generic ARC covers. So see you tomorrow!

Dragon’s Claw Cover Art

Just received the cover art from the artist for “Dragon’s Claw”, the next Dory novella, out sometime this summer. Isn’t it amazing? (Click the pic to see full size). I guess this is the summer of Dory!


Fan Art!

This just came in–isn’t it awesome?

“Marco was sitting at the card table, doing one of his fancy shuffles. He looked up and a smile quirked at the corner of his mouth.

‘What?’ I demanded.

‘You and the bulldog got the same expression.’

‘Very funny.’”

Hunt the Moon

Bookmarks for Shadow’s Bane!

Bookmarks just came in for Shadow’s Bane. E-mail me at KarenChance@hotmail.com with your (snail mail) address if you’d like one.

Cover Art Shadow’s Bane!

I lover her boots, lol!

Free Cassie Short!

Literary Escapism is doing a Christmas thing, y’all! Lots of fun stories from lots of writers. I contributed a Cassie short, which will be up on December 20th. But there’s plenty of other good reads over there, too, some of which are already up. Go check ’em out!