ARC Drawing #2

Okay, so I’m all pissed off now, because people keep pirating my stuff. So, when I get in a bad mood, I like to do something nice and/or fun to balance things out. So let’s do some ARC giveaways! Same conditions as last time, if you don’t know them, they’re on the last giveaway post. Basically, if I see you’ve sold your personally inscribed copy on ebay (for what? Like a dollar?) I will go ballistic on your ass. So don’t do that. Just send your name and whether you are going for a blogger copy or a reader copy to I will pick a winner sometime on September 1, so you’ve got a couple days to get your name in. Please only enter once. Good luck!

2 Responses to ARC Drawing #2

  • lorena says:

    Boo to pirates! As someone who works in media, I always make sure whatever I read, listen to or watch has proper copyright permission. Go get ’em, Karen! In any case, here’s to hoping I win a reader’s copy this time.

  • freyja.vanadis says:

    That’s terrible that people are pirating your stuff. Can we have the fun pirates more instead of the jerko ones?

    I would also love a reader’s copy!

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