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Read for Pixels Event Info

Hey guys,

I just received the info on the Read for Pixels event, so I’m passing it along.

The Swag Bags: The swag bags will be up on the Read for Pixels fundraising page on March 11, a few hours ahead of the Google Hangout. Basically, the Read for Pixels people put a price on each bag, and the first person to ante up gets it. The page still has the old info on it, but if you click through you can see how it works. If you haven’t seen my swag bags, just scroll down or head on over to my blog where they’re already posted.

2. The Event itself: March 11 at 8:30 Eastern Standard Time, on YouTube. Log on to your Google or YouTube account to ask questions, answer trivia, or just say hi!

3. The Trivia Contest: There will be fourteen trivia questions during the event, for prizes I’ve been posting to Facebook and my blog. I’ll ask a question, and whoever gives the first right answer in the chat window gets that prize.

Looking forward to chatting with you there!

Sneak Peek #10

This is a sterling silver and Swarovski crystal charm bracelet themed to Dory/Dorina. Like with Billy Joe’s, it follows the path of her life so far. And, also like Billy’s, it will be a prize in the Read for Pixels trivia contest.

Sneak Peek #9

Final version of the cover (we swear!)

Here’s the final, final, we-swear-it’s-final version of Ride the Storm’s cover, with that great Charlaine Harris quote attached! Mmm, love that quote! 😀 Anyway, if you plan on sharing/using the cover for anything, this is the one Penguin would like you to go with. And if it gets changed again, I vote we all just ignore it and use this one anyway. I think it turned out really cute!

Bigger version for anyone who needs one:

Sneak Peek #8

Sneak peek #8 is the one, the only, the majestic: Baby Stinky! To win his awesomeness, you will need to answer a trivia question about Midnight’s Daughter, the first book in which he appears.

Sneak Peek #7

Here’s another small, but adorable prize! A baby vamp keychain that comes with a tiny Romanian woven purse (the Dory keychains in the previous post come with these tiny bags, too.) They were origionally hung on a string around the neck by Romanian farmers and used to carry small items (like a purse or a wristlet would be today). To win this one, you’ll need to answer a question about something our characters regularly carry around with them.

Sneak Peek #6

Dory keychains! I thought it would be fun to see some of the smaller prizes up for grabs at the Read for Pixels event. These are brass keychains with Fury’s Kiss on the front and a quote from the book inside. There’s two, and they’re going to people who really know Dory and Louis-Cesare’s relationship.

Sneak Peek #5

Here you see the second, and last, tarot deck for the Read for Pixels event. This one is a little different, coming with a nice leather cover to protect your Dante’s tarot cards. I thought it looked slightly medieval, so in order to win this, you’ll need to answer a question about Reap the Wind.

Sneak Peek #4

Here’s a fun one! A hand-embroidered tote with Romanian motifs packed with a Romanian cook book, a carved wooden spoon said to bring a house wisdom and good luck, and a pot of dulceata jam (because of course!) It will go to the person who gives the first correct answer to a Romanian-themed trivia question from the books.

Sneak Peek #3

I had these cute metal bookmarks made for the Read for Pixels event. Some are up for grabs for super easy trivia questions, while others have a little something attached: two bookmarks will come with ARCs of Ride the Storm, fresh off the presses! The question for the first ARC will be taken from one of the first three Cassie Palmer books, and the other will come from the last four. They will be . . . a bit more challenging. Are you up for it? 😀