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Last ARC Winners!

Good morning! Just wanted to let you know the results of the last ARC drawing. Congrats to Elizabeth Wyatt, Hildegard Hettinger and Cheyla Hernandez Gonzalez! Ladies, please send me your addresses and I will get your prizes right out to you. And thank you to everyone who participated in the events all this month. I had a great time, and hope you did, too!

Cassie Tarot Card!

Leila is at it again! This time, she did a Cassie tarot card to match the Pritkin one of a few days ago (if you missed that one, just scroll down). How cute!

A larger size image will be available on the FanArt page in a short while. <3

Final ARC Giveaway

Good morning everyone! So, remember that unexpected box of ARCs I was sent? I gave three away to you guys and sent offers to reviewers and bloggers for the rest. Only . . . most of them didn’t want one. 🙁 Which is bad for me, but great for you, because it means I have extra ARCs! Three, to be exact, which also happens to be the number of Cassie tote bags I have left. So I’m matching ’em up and doing one last ARC giveaway! Just send your name with Final ARC in the title to Contest closes March 30 at midnight EST, and I’ll announce the winners the next day. Good luck! 😀

Pritkin POV is up!

You can find it here.

Fan Art!

Leila Rheaume sent in this awesome Pritkin tarot card! It’s going in the gallery, but I thought you’d like to see it first. Go Leila! 🙂

We Have Winners!

Congrats to Clare Kidwell, Duca Jolic and Arial Te Momo! You all get ARCs! Just send me your addresses and I’ll get them right out to you. For everyone else (like all two hundred of you — damn, there were a lot of entries this time! I think you broke my email) author’s copies should be available before the pub date, and I’ll be running another contest as soon as I have them. Thanks, everyone! And have a great night!

Surprise ARCs!

Okay, so I got a surprise box of ARCs from my editor today. I’ve been after them so much over the Read for Pixels thing, and the ARCs I’d promised people for the event, that I think they slipped up and sent me two boxes (or maybe it’s a bribe to shut me up!) Anyway, I’m doing another giveaway (to enter, send your name and “ARC” to Only there’s a catch this time: if you enter this drawing, you have to be willing to do a non-spoilery review of the book. It doesn’t matter where (Amazon, B&N, etc.) but you have to promise to do one! It should, of course, be an honest review of what you think of the book. Anyway, I have three available! I will do the drawing tonight at midnight EST, so get those names in, and good luck!

Pritkin POV Selected

Just received an email from the winner of the Pritkin certificate goody bag. She has chosen a Pritkin POV instead of a deleted scene, specifically the café conversation between Pritkin and Cassie near the end of Tempt the Stars. She will get a chance to read it first, and then it will be posted to the freebies section of the web page. I will post an announcement when it’s available, but I thought you’d like to know what she selected. 🙂


For all of those who won an arc, good news! I just received word that they should be available by tomorrow. There was a hold up because of the cover design change, but Penguin has them now and is going to be mailing them out to me Wednesday (or as soon as the blizzard allows.) And, as soon as I receive them, I will mail them to you.

For those who won goodie bundles, please drop me a line ( and let me know the name you’d like me to use on the inscriptions. Thank you!

ARC Winners!

So congrats to Wendy Watkinson and Sarah Hoffman, the winners of the ARC Contest! Ladies, at your convenience please email me your addresses for the books. Hope you enjoy!