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Sneak Peek #2

Sneak peek #2 for the trivia part of the upcoming Read for Pixels event is this cute tarot bag, with a pack of Dante’s tarot cards, of course! That’s the moon on the front, which is appropriate considering that, to win it, you will have to answer a question about Cassie’s mother.

Trivia Contest Sneak Peek #1

So, last week I gave you a look at the swag bags for the Read for Pixels charity. This week, I thought I’d show you some of the fun stuff up for grabs in the trivia contest we’re having at the event on March 11. Today’s sneak peek, a sterling silver Louis-Cesare necklace with crossed epees and a chalcedony dangle, will go to someone who correctly answers a question from Death’s Mistress.

Charlaine Harris Liked Ride the Storm!

I just got news from my editor that Charlaine Harris read Ride the Storm and loved it! So psyched (she’s one of my faves, so it’s really nice that she enjoyed it.) Here’s the quote, I think they’re putting it on the cover (I should damned well hope so!)

“Karen Chance is a terrific writer who handles multiple plot twists with ease. Breakneck pacing, a great heroine, and great reading.”—#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Charlaine Harris.

Mircea Swag!


Larger pics here:

Mircea swag! And it’s sweet! If you choose the Mircea swag pack from the Read for Pixels charity, you get a full set of signed Cassie Palmer books, a Romanian carved wood puzzle box (to keep all your secrets safe), an ARC of Ride the Storm, a wonderful candle with the scents of Washington State (it smells amazing), and a silver gilt garnet cross and chain! The chain is 17 inches, and comes with an extender to increase that another 2.5 inches if you like. The cross is just gorgeous in person — the pics really don’t do it justice. Just the sort of thing Mircea would choose, because, of course, he has excellent taste!

So that’s it for the four swag bags — hope you snag one. But if not, don’t worry, because there will be plenty more prizes at the event itself. More on those next week, as well as some hints on the trivia contest to win them. Have a great week!

Mircea Swag and Freebies

For those who have asked, yes, there is a Mircea tote. I am still waiting on one item to arrive for it, and will post the photos as soon as they do. I also will be posting some of the prizes for the trivia contest that will be held during the event. There’s going to be some great stuff, including charm bracelets themed to the characters, Dante’s tarot decks and bags, a hand-embroidered Romanian tote filled with goodies, and a Louis-Cesare necklace. Plus, two more ARCs. So, if you can afford to donate for one of the swag bags, that would be awesome, because you’d be helping a really great charity. But there’s tons of freebies to be claimed as well. Looking forward to it, and hope to see you there!

Cassie Swag!

Cassie swag! It includes a Cassie tote, a Dante’s tarot deck (and Cassie themed tarot bag), a full set of signed books, an ARC of Ride the Storm, a bottle of sparkly pink nail polish, and, finally, a Cassie approved bracelet, for those rare times when she actually gets a night out!

Dory Swag!

Dory swag, including the new and improved Stinky! (That says “Dhampirs Rule” on Stinky’s tee shirt, in case you were wondering.) The old version will be given away as one of the free prizes during the Read for Pixels event. So, if you loved him as much as I did, don’t worry! You can still nab him. Also included in Dory’s swag are a full set of signed books, a tote and a certificate. The latter entitles the holder to be a character in the next Dory novel!*

*Survival not assured.

Read for Pixels Poster

FB Poster - Karen Chance_FINAL

Pritkin swag

Stuff has started coming in for the swag bags, so I’ll be posting pics along and along this week. First up is the Pritkin bag:


A bigger pic can be found here:

It contains a Pritkin mug and tote bag, a pound of the world’s strongest coffee, a Pritkin-approved trivet, a full set of signed Cassie Palmer books (including an ARC of Ride the Storm) and a little something extra in the form of a certificate. In case you can’t read the latter, because my photo skills are minimal at best, here’s a close up:


Up next: Dory Swag, with a new and improved Stinky!

New book cover

So, Ride the Storm has a new book cover. On the plus side, it no longer looks like the cover to Tempt the Stars. On the negative, now I have all this work to do, changing it everywhere. And we all know how I feel about that. Plus, your bookmarks are not going to match now, since I already had them done. I complained about this, and was told “hey, now they’ll be collector’s items!” Uh huh. Do you see what I have to put up with? Anyway, it’s a pretty cover, and the color actually makes sense in the context of the book, so . . . cool? I guess? Anyway again, if you want bookmarks for the old cover (remember, they’re COLLECTABLES, people) then you know what to do.

Ride the Storm Revise