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Read for Pixels Time Slot

Hi guys, here’s the link to the Read for Pixels authors page, because I thought you might want to see who else is participating. There’s lots of good authors in there, and they probably have swag, too! Plus there’s Q&As going on, and those are always fun. I’ve been slotted in on Saturday, at 8:30 in the evening, EST, on March 11. See you then!

Dory graphics!


So, I needed a Dory tote bag for the Read for Pixels event in March, and asked Rio if she could work something up for me. And, as usual, she did what I’d asked for and then some! So, on the chance that any of you would like to make yourself some Dory tees or totes or whatever, I’ve added her graphics to the freebies page, along with the others. Enjoy!

Good News!

I was just informed that ARCs of Ride the Storm will be available for the Read for Pixels goodie bags. Thought you’d like to know. 🙂

Read for Pixels Prizes

So, a big thank you to everyone who helped me decide on the Read for Pixels swag. After much thought, I’ve settled on the following four swag bags. Once all the assorted stuff is in, I’ll take pics and post them, but for now, a description will have to do:

1. Cassie swag: A custom tote bag (because I have recently discovered that people really, really like totes) filled with a custom designed tarot card deck, a bottle of sparkly pink nail polish, a set of all the Cassie books (signed of course), and some Ride the Storm bookmarks. I have also asked for an ARC of Ride the Storm, but haven’t received an answer on that yet. But here’s hoping!

2. Dory swag: A custom Dory tote (because, again, there’s some serious tote bag lovin’ going on out there), a one of a kind baby Stinky plushie, the chance to be a minor character in an upcoming Dory novel, and the same book/bookmark thing as above. Plus an ARC if I nab any.

3. Mircea swag: A custom Mircea tote bag, a beautiful cross necklace, a Washington State candle (smells amazing), and the book/bookmarks combo, with an ARC if possible.

4. Pritkin swag: A custom Pritkin tote bag, a custom Pritkin mug (large of course), a pound of Death Wish coffee (the world’s strongest, natch) and the same signed books/bookmarks/possible ARC as above.

So, how do you get ’em? As I understand it, they’re giving them away, some to donors and some to people who show up for the Google hangout. I’ll fill you in on more details as I get them. But it sounds like a good time!

Read for Pixels

I’ve been asked to be part of Read for Pixels 2017, which is a charity featuring authors and dedicated to helping end violence against women. I’ll be doing a reading and an AMA session over on Google hangouts for them in March, which I’ll have more information on once everything is finalized. But for now I have a question for you. They want me to put together some stuff to give away to people who tune in for the hangout and for donors. They said I should tailor it to what my readers want, only I don’t know what you want. So I thought I’d ask. Authors in the past have offered all kinds of different things, including:

Exclusive drabbles (100 word stories). I don’t think 100 words would work so well for me, considering that even my short stories end up being not so short. But I thought that maybe doing scenes that weren’t in the books could be fun. Sort of like “Shitty Beer”. That showed Pritkin after Mac’s death, something that wasn’t in Claimed by Shadow, but was implied. It could also work for something that was mentioned but took place offscreen, so to speak.

Handwritten original short stories/poems/haikus/letters from characters. I don’t do haikus, and doubt sincerely that any of my characters do, and the only poems in the books are Billy’s limericks. But hey, if that’s what you’re into . . .

30-minute Skype chats. I’m not the world’s greatest conversationalist, just letting you know. But if you had some stuff you wanted to ask about publishing, I guess I could try to help?

Signed/inscribed 1st or limited editions or sets of their books. This is easy. You want this, right? Say you want this.

A chance to be a minor character in the author’s next book. Considering my books, and the things that happen to people in them, I’m thinking most people would want to avoid this. Like the plague. But I guess I could be wrong. I don’t promise that you won’t die horribly, however.

Critique of a 1,000-word chapter/query letter. Um, sure? Only I’m an author, not an editor, so my help might be less than optimal. But if you want it, I’ll try my best.

Swag bags of small exclusive items from the author. I got you, fam. You want t-shirts? Cause I got t-shirts. Mugs, bookmarks, those weird little tote bags they give out at cons and nobody uses because they’re too small or too flimsy, or because backpacks and purses work better? Okay, I mean, I guess it’s tradition at this point, so I could order some o’ them. Just say so.

Anyway, they’re open to other ideas as well, only I don’t have any. All my ideas are going into finished the new Dory story before I get lynched. So I thought I’d open it up to you. Whaddya want? Leave me a message with your ideas, or I’m going tote bags. Seriously, I swear I’ll do it (although I’ll try to put something decent inside.)