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Ride the Storm Date!

Finally, a firm date for Ride the Storm, the eighth Cassie Palmer novel, is here!


And it’s August, 2017!

That’s later than I’d hoped for, honestly, but better than the November date Penguin had originally rescheduled it for. That date may still be showing on a few online sites, until they get their computers updated, but August is the finalized date. And I am happy to report that there was no argument over length this time. I have no idea why, but I’m thrilled, because this book would have been very difficult to cut substantially. There’s simply no fat in there to trim. At almost 200,000 words, it’s my longest book yet, but it needed to be to wrap up previous storylines. A lot of questions are answered, a lot of fun is had. It was easily the hardest book I’ve ever written, but I hope you’ll also find it to be the best. Thank you for your patience.

Cover Art Contest!

So, the entries are in for the cover art contest, and they are wonderful! A huge thank you to everyone who took the time and aggravation (and believe me, I know how aggravating this stuff can be) to help me. I really appreciate it.

Now, on to the entries!


I think we can all agree that I have very talented readers! More importantly, I have a bunch of people willing to help a gal in need out, and I appreciate it more than I can say. As a result, I decided to give everyone a prize, to say thank you for your hard work and generosity. Everyone who entered will therefore receive a signed copy of Ride the Storm as soon as I get my author’s copies. Just please send me your snail mail address, so I know where to send it. And thank you for helping!

I couldn’t decide on an overall winner, so I did a random drawing for the $75.00 gift card. The winner was Elaine Murphy. Thank you Elaine!

So, which one will be the book cover?

Um, so here’s the thing. You guys sending in all these great entries inspired me to do some Photoshop work of my own, for the next Dory novella, “Dragon’s Claw”. I had a cover, but didn’t like it much, and thought I needed to punch it up. And in the process of trying to find a better background image, I came across a photo I liked and started fiddling with it and . . . well. By the time I was finished, I had a cover. Which wouldn’t have been a problem, except that it was for “Lover’s Knot”! And that, you know, I really sort of like this one.

Awkward, right? But I thought it went really well with the previous novella’s cover, “Zombie’s Bite”, and with the next one, “Dragon’s Claw” (which I finished revising, btw. It’s in the previous blog entry). Anyway, since all these novellas are connected, I thought it made sense for the covers to be as well. But I would never have gotten here without you guys, so thank you very much. You can expect the newest freebie either at the end of this month or early next (probably the latter, you know me.) I think you’ll really like this one. 🙂

Dragon’s Claw Cover Art

With the cover art contest for “Lover’s Knot”, the upcoming Dory novella, ending today, I’ve been thinking about covers. I was unhappy with the “Dragon’s Claw” cover art (for the novella after this one) that I’d done, mainly because of the background. The one I’d originally come up with was too busy and not moody enough, but creating something better had defeated me. Then, while browsing DeviantArt, I came across an image from a young Singapore-based designer and fell in love with it. I was lucky enough to get the rights to use it as a background for Dory, which made me very happy, but felt it was a shame that you would end up seeing so little of it. So I decided to post the whole thing here.

His name is Sean Jun, and he goes by Narandel. Here is a link to his whole gallery — very impressive stuff. Go take a look if you like digital art. He’s very talented.

And here is the revised cover, using his background. Amazing what the right atmosphere can do!

Anyway, check back tomorrow for all the great entries in the cover art contest!


Cover Art

Hi all,

I am finishing up “Lover’s Knot”, the new Dory freebie, and have decided I don’t like the cover art I did for it.

It doesn’t seem to go very well with the other two covers (see below), which are more Dory centered and just came out better.

If both Dory and LC were going to be used, I was thinking something more like the image below, which I created for a story (TBA) with Pritkin and Cassie:

But I’m open to anything, really. It just needs Paris, LC, and Dory, or just Paris and Dory. So I decided to open it up to a contest, if anyone is interested. Winner gets a $75 B&N or Amazon gift card, plus a signed copy of Ride the Storm whenever I get my author’s copies. That may be before everyone else gets to read it, it may not; I never know when they are going to send them. Anyway, if your cover is used on the novella, you’ll also receive acknowledgement as the artist. I plan to publish the story end of this month or first of next, so let’s make the deadline Sept. 25. And, remember, if I don’t get a better pic from you guys, I’ll use the ugly one, lol!