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By the way, I thought I should clarify something on the whole pirate issue. I am perfectly okay with you taking excerpts from the books and using them on t-shirts, mugs, whatever floats your boat, for your own use. I am also perfectly okay with you doing this as a present for another person/people you think would like them. If you come up with something really creative, send me a pic–I’ll probably enjoy it, too!

The problem comes when someone starts selling that sort of thing for a profit, as the woman on redbubble is doing, or like the guys who took my free stories off Smashwords and uploaded them–at a very high price point!–to Amazon. But as long as it’s for your own consumption, go to town! I want you to enjoy the books. I just want to make enough to be able to keep writing them for you!

Hope that avoids any confusion.

ARC Drawing #2

Okay, so I’m all pissed off now, because people keep pirating my stuff. So, when I get in a bad mood, I like to do something nice and/or fun to balance things out. So let’s do some ARC giveaways! Same conditions as last time, if you don’t know them, they’re on the last giveaway post. Basically, if I see you’ve sold your personally inscribed copy on ebay (for what? Like a dollar?) I will go ballistic on your ass. So don’t do that. Just send your name and whether you are going for a blogger copy or a reader copy to I will pick a winner sometime on September 1, so you’ve got a couple days to get your name in. Please only enter once. Good luck!

Pirates (and not the fun kind)

Okay, so this happened. In case any of you were wondering, no, the site linked above doesn’t have anything to do with me. Except for, you know, stealing my stuff. I’m putting in a takedown notice, but they’ve made it as difficult as possible to do, so it may take a while to go through. In the meantime, please understand that if you buy anything, the proceeds don’t go to me, or to anyone with a conscience, morals or basic human decency.

And to add insult to injury, they didn’t even get the quotes right!

First ARC Giveaway!

Congrats to Kendra McCormick and Lisa Wynn, you both have an ARC of Reap the Wind! Please send me your addresses and I’ll get them in the mail to you soon. They are paper copies, so please send a snail mail address to There will be another drawing next month for two more copies, and a third in October. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter!

ARCs are here!

I have ARCs for Reap the Wind! What are ARCs, you ask? Advance Reader Copies, which are early versions of the book put out for bloggers, etc. to read and review. They are not the finished version—they don’t have cover art and the final edit hasn’t been done (necessary to get them out early). So some scenes may still be a little rough, some bits of dialogue may change here and there, and there may be a few typos to deal with. They are still a good read though. And I have six!

I’ve decided to do three giveaways, one for each month leading up to the release in November. Each giveaway will feature two books: one for a blogger and one for a reader. There are, however, some conditions:

1. You promise to do a review of the book. This can be on your blog, on Amazon/B&N, or wherever you usually review books.

2. You promise that, in your review, you will not spoil the main plot points! That also includes any comments you may leave on forums, etc. Some people really do not like this and it ruins the book for them.

3. You promise not to sell them. If you are a blogger and want to pass the book on to a fellow blogger for review when you’re done, that would be awesome! But please, no selling on ebay, etc.

I’ll do a blind draw for these at midnight EST on 8/7/2015. If you agree to the above conditions and want a chance at one, leave your name and which book you’re going for (blogger or reader) in the comments. Also, if you have a blog, please leave a link to it (helps me verify and it’s an easy way to advertise!) Good luck!