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Get Your Book Signed Update

Okay, so there’s been an issue with the whole get-your-book-signed thing. To recap, I used to send out signed stickers to anybody who wanted one, along with whatever promo stuff I happened to have on hand at the time. This got expensive. Like real expensive. So I decided that, in order to keep offering freebies, I would need to have the postage covered. That’s easy enough for anyone who lives in the US, but for overseas people, it doesn’t work so well. I’ve investigated the options after a bunch of people asked, but basically, they are all really difficult. So . . .

If you want to send me your books to sign, and you live in the US, go for it. The address is P.O. Box 491362, Leesburg, FL 34749. Please include a SASE (self addressed, stamped envelope). If, on the other hand, you live abroad, you can simply send an email to and I will send you out a signed sticker for the front of your book. PLEASE DO NOT SEND BOOKS IF YOU LIVE OVERSEAS, unless you have a bunch of US stamps to add to them. The cost of mailing even a small package abroad is quite high, and as you can imagine, I get a fair number of requests around the time a book comes out. If you are in the US and would like a signed sticker instead of sending in your books, please send a SASE. I get a lot more requests from the US than abroad, and for the price of a stamp, you would really be helping me out. I hope this works for everyone.

Ride the Storm has a cover!


Also, for anybody who would like to get their books signed or would like a couple RTW bookmarks, you can send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me at P.O. Box 491362, Leesburg, FL 34749. 🙂

RTW Contest


There’s a new contest here to win one of three copies of Reap the Wind. Good luck!