Monthly Archives: November 2014

Reap the Wind Update

Hi everyone, this is an update on RTW. I’d hoped to have a new pub date for you by now, but I don’t, mainly because we’re still discussing what to do with this monster. Basically, it tells a great story, but not in a small space. So far, it’s roughly double the length of an average book, so the question is whether to try to cut it down to something like Fury’s Kiss size or less, or to publish it as two books. As soon as a decision has been made, I will be sure to post about it. Thank you.

Happy Dia de los Muertos everyone!


In honor of the day of the dead, I thought I’d repost one of my stories, by the same title. If you haven’t read it, it’s a fun ride, and if you have, go read it again! And have an awesome day!