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Halloween Contest 2013
Design a Cover for Cassie

We have winners!

It was a tough decision this year, as it pretty much is every year since we get in such great entries. Most of the ones for this year made us smile, and quite a few made us laugh. But there were three that really stood out.

Leila Rheaume wins in the "Wish this was a Real Cover" category, because seriously? That's awesome! If you're gonna do the infamous "girl in front of city" concept, THAT'S how you do it! Great work, Leila!

Jen Bailey wins in the "Why Don't The Publishers get Creative Like This?" category. As soon as we saw this, we knew this one was going to be tough to beat, simply because it's so creative. It also fits Cassie perfectly, depicting a tumble through a ley line, and even includes the guys!  Love it.

And last, but definitely not least (seriously, could anything else have been added to this cover?) we have Melody Bjorvand's entry, and the clear winner in the "Cracktastic" category. Is it good? We honestly don't know. But damn it, it's something. And like a train wreck, it's hard to look away.

All our entries (and they are all worth a look) can be found here. To everyone who took the time to enter, thank you so much! And to our winners, you know the drill. Info to KarenChance@hotmail.com, including where you want your gift card sent and which book you'd like. And to everyone, Happy Halloween!

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