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Halloween 2011:
Design a T-shirt for Cassie Contest


For Halloween 2011, we asked readers to design a funky t-shirt for Cassie, or for one of the other series' characters, like the ones she wears in the novels. And wow, did we get an amazing response! So amazing, in fact, that we had to add an extra prize because
we just couldn't choose. But even after making that (very hard!) selection, we still felt conflicted, because there were so many good entries. We decided to put the best of the best online
so you could enjoy them as we did. Just click under the thumbnails below to see the entries and to read our thoughts (and stop by Facebook to leave us yours!)

Also, one of our contestants was nice enough to include the beautiful wallpaper above, which we're passing on to you here.

Our favorite entries (in no particular order):

The Winners

The contest had two parts--one for people who wanted to do a photo manip of their idea and one for everybody who sent in a suggestion, photo included or not.  A random drawing decided the winner of the latter category, while our crew here was tasked with selecting the former. So without further ado, the winners are:

 Austin McCora

for the random drawing, although he also sent in a number of very clever photo manips. Congrats Austin! You win a $50.00 Barnes and Noble gift card and some Halloween goodies!

For the photo manip part of the contest, we soon realized that we had a problem, because we had so many potential winners. Some were funny, some were quirky, some were amazingly creative and detailed...it was just plain impossible to choose! So we wussed out and added a second prize.

Our first winner, then, is the fantastically talented (and civically-named) Rio de Janeiro. She gave us a number of amazing entries, but our favorite had to be the
"House of Augustine", designed as a uniform for Francoise and the girls who work for the crabby genius.  It won 
both for sheer outlandish creativity (it looks exactly like something he'd do) and for the fact that she included a label.  You gotta love that!

Our second manip winner is the wonderfully creative Sam Williamson, who sent in a shirt for Pritkin.  He said "I could definitely see Pritkin wearing this...and then Cassie stealing it," and so could we.  It wins because it perfectly captures the character, and because it surprised a literal lol out of us!

Rio and Sam, you both win a $50.00 Barnes and Noble gift card and a bunch of Halloween goodness!  But to everyone who shared your creativity with us, thank you so much!  It was a lot of fun and brought us many smiles.  Here's hoping you all have a very happy Halloween!