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Halloween 2012:
Design a Business Card for Dory

Every year we do a Halloween contest. The challenge this year was to design a funky business card for Dory--or for one of the other series' regulars, or for the Cassie Palmer characters, or for businesses Dory or Cassie might find in their world. To help get the creative juices flowing, we put together a little "story" in photo form here. Not that anybody needed it, because creativity is clearly not a problem with this group.

In fact, the entries were so good, that choosing just three winners was impossible. So we doubled it. And we could have tripled or quadrupled it because there were just that many really good ideas this year. It looks like the Dory/Cassie universe not only attracts the smartest fans, but the most creative, too (and the best looking, we're sure).

So without further ado, the winners, in no particular order:

Leila Rheaume submitted some of our favorite cards. In fact, if she hadn't won for this one, she'd have probably won for the Three D's (see the card in the entries below, because seriously, it's awesome) or the amazing blunt stake card for Dory. Beautiful and creative--what's not to love? It wins in the "Damn, I wish I'd thought of that!" category.
Zeenatroohi Kwan only submitted one card, which was okay since one was all she needed. Anybody who makes us laugh this hard gets an automatic pass. Plus "hairyteddy" would have done it, anyway. Wins under the "Blunt Honesty" category, despite making us convert this over from Powerpoint (which is a bitch, because we do not know what we are doing. No, we do not.) Thanks a lot, Zeena.
E. McCora sent in great cards for everything from Claire's medicaments to Louis-Cesare's fencing academy to Mircea's pedicure salon. But this was the one that won it, under the category of "Most Believable." We can completely and utterly see Pritkin carrying this. The Silver Circle emblem was a nice touch, too.
J. Curry blew us away with a perfect card for Marsden. S/he also sent in a great Leo's bar card that would have won in the "Most Obscure Reference" category if we'd had unlimited categories. Instead, s/he gets the nod for taking on the Circle's craziest mage (and that's saying something).

Zsuzsa M. wins in the "Holy Shit, We Can't Believe You Made That!" category. And we do mean made. As in, by hand. Zsuzsa is clearly a bad ass who operates under the "Photoshop? We don't need no steenking Photoshop" concept. Color us impressed, especially since she sent in a LOT of these home-made babies (check 'em out in the entries below). Show 'em how it's done old school, Zsuzsa!
Sophie Ren wins in the WTF category, because seriously? WTF? Sophie, we assume you were drunk when you did this, because if not, you might be battier than Dorina. Of course, that's also why you won. Dory is literally bat-sh*t insane half the time, and so is this card. So it fits her perfectly! Bravo! Now, go get some help.

So what did they get?

All our winners will receive $50.00 Barnes and Noble gift cards, some truly decadent Halloween goodies and a signed copy of Fury's Kiss.
You know, if they remember to SEND IN THEIR ADDRESSES. Yes, we know some of you have sent them in before. No, we don't keep stuff like that. What? Do we look organized to you? So send 'em in or we'll eat your goodies and spend your money and laugh at you while we do it. Don't think we won't.

Ahem. Anyway, we also have gorgeous vampire buttons to give out as thank yous for everyone who sent in an entry. They're great little accessories for this time of year, so claim yours before they're gone. And 
have a great Halloween!

Click below to see a whole bunch of fun additional entries: